Tel: 972.612.1963

3283 Independence Parkway
Plano, TX 75075
Southwest corner of Parker and Independence
(behind Firestone)

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed 

See what our customers have to say about us:

friendly, professional

The young lady at the front desk is friendly, professional and actually knows information about my car! Everyone I've dealt with at your center exemplifies great customer service and I recommend yall to everyone I know.

Thanks for being there in our neighborhood.

I just wanted to let you know how great it is having your team always help me with my auto repairs. Chris is excellent and is willing to give me great advice regarding my Jeep Wrangler. When my other vehicles run out of warranty, they will be in your shop when problems arise. Thanks for being there in our neighborhood.

the bill was within reasonable cost

I have entrusted my auto health to Tidwell's Auto Service for about 10 years and receive the same results each time. I was contacted before service was performed and explained what was needed and approximate cost of the full repair. Without fail, the bill was within reasonable cost to what was mentioned and results have always been acceptable.

Troy was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas. While Troy was attending college at Texas Tech, he delivered news papers. With driving 200 miles per day, Troy found he needed to be constantly working on his and other vehicles to keep them going in order to deliver newspapers twice a day. As a result, Troy’s interest in automotive work was peaked and he attended technical school for automotive repair work, as well as multiple clinics and seminars before opening Tidwell Auto service in 1977 on Floyd Road in Richardson. In 1992, Troy opened a second repair business in Plano. After almost five years of operating two locations, he phased out the Richardson location to focus totally on their current location in Plano. Troy aims to deliver quality, honest automotive repair to all their customers. He does not do this for the money, but for the happiness of others and the ability to help anyone in a crisis! 

Nicole joined the Tidwell Auto Service Family and has been a perfect fit since then. Her background with Auto-Mechanics has enabled her to know the business and know how to get the parts necessary, at the best prices. Able to get the answer to any question. She is available during business hours to assist you with any concerns or making appointments. She will go above and beyond to make sure any questions get answered and that the overall satisfaction is there 100%. Very knowledgeable about vehicles and will make you confident in your decision to do the repair.

30 years as Tidwell's Lead Technician
​. He will always find a way to make sure the job is done in its entirety. There is always a solution to whatever the problem may be, he will always go above and beyond to make sure every customer is satisfied! He never gives up on any problem he may face or lost the faith of any customers. With his expertise in high demand.

Just joining the team we have Jesse who has worked at many dealerships. His specialty is Toyota, Lexus, Honda, but can fix ANY car situation. Another honest worker. If he can find a cheaper solution then it will be found. Raised in a christian home, he fits in perfectly with the moral atmosphere.

​Our newest member of the team! He is a go-getter and is dedicated to making sure no problem is overlooked or unturned. His personal knowledge comes from building cars from the bottom up. He is customer friendly and will always answer any questions you may have about repairs.
At Tidwell Auto Service, we take the extra time and care to be sure we are one of the friendliest auto repair facilities you have done business with. We truly care about our customers and their vehicles.
What is important to our customers auto service experience is important to us. Quality and honest work with a team you can be comfortable with.